Publications That Help Catholics Live Their Faith More Fully

InFaith PublishingInFaith Publishing Group is the publisher of Growing in Faith and Partners in Faith. We're a small, specialized publisher with offices in Winchester, Virginia.

Our publications are designed to help Catholics live their faith more fully. We do not express opinions, comment on policies, or cover controversial topics. We simply present our beautiful faith and give readers, solid, real-world ideas about how to build it into their everyday lives.

Our subscription structure is unique.  It lets thousands of priests, pastors, and educators across the country reach everyone in their parish families throughout the year, in Spanish or English, with a cheerful, friendly, faith-based message.  A single subscription means you can make as many copies of each issue as you need.  And when you choose free electronic delivery, you can also easily reuse any content you like in other parish publications - with our blessing!

All the content we present is reliable, orthodox and follows the guidance of the Vatican and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  You'll never see controversial topics or opinions in any InFaith publication - just practical, real-world ideas Catholics can use to live their faith more fully every day.

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